Reservation Policy

  • Reservations can only be made through the Reservation Form. Bookings made by telephone or e-mail will not be accepted. A reservation deemed valid only if the renter receives the confirmation e-mail after sending the reservation form. Please check the spam/junk folder in the e-mail client you are using.
  • Please check that your driver’s license is the required one before you book one of our vehicles. We inform you that with one driver’s license you can book only one vehicle. If you want to rent more than one vehicle there should be needed a similar number of driver’s license with the number of vehicles. For each vehicle you have to send different Reservation Forms with the details of each driver.
  • Changes in the data sent with the reservation form can be up to one week before the date indicated on the form, if this is possible of course.
  • The rental charge starts at the date and the time indicated on the reservation form not at the date and time of receipt of the vehicle and ends at the end date and time indicated on the reservation form.
  • If the renter wish to keep the vehicle less is obliged to pay the remaining amount of the days that will had booked the vehicle, if he wants to extend the rental should inform us 72 hours before the contract expires.
  • In case of delay of receipt the renter obliged to inform us about the new hours of the receipt of the vehicle otherwise after 1 hour and then the vehicle is available for another renter, the reservation is canceled and we shall not bear any responsibility regarding the prompt availability of another vehicle.
  • One week before the date of receipt indicated on the reservation form the renter is obliged to confirm his arrival and the reservation, if not subsequently informed the reservation will be canceled.
  • Delivery and return of the vehicle can be done only at the office during the opening hours, unless other agreement is made with Venetia Rentals.
  • Desired row would be the demonstration of the reservation form and confirmation mail upon receipt of the vehicle.

Cancellation Policy

  • The renter can cancel the reservation one week before the date of receipt indicated on the reservation form without charge by e-mail , after that he will receive the cancellation mail
  • Cancellation can be done at the office 48 hours before the time of receipt indicated on the reservation form without charge. If the cancellation occurs sooner than 48 hours the renter obliged to pay the rental value of 1 day minimum improvable of reimbursement.

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